Welcome to the Goodyear Team of Excellence

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Company Background

Goodyear has been here for the long haul.  When the market changed, we changed.  In the 60's we supported mainframe computer networks when the computers were measured by the size of the room to the small footprint desktop computers of today. During the 70's, Goodyear divided into 5 strategic areas: Management Consulting, Computer Network Design, Training, Service and Repair.  In the 80's we were under exclusive contract with IBM for training new programmers OSVS, DOS, CMS, and JCL. The 90's was the explosion of the small networks, we migrated from our mainframe roots into the pc arena. 

With the age of the internet we are now heavily focusing on internet services. We have been able to remote link our development staff thus cutting down on overhead to meet the ever changing market.  

We only accept new clients by referral.

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 Telephone :  949 689-3820

Electronic mail:  info@teamgoodyear.com


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